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You Dream it .. We Catch it

Welcome To Psycloid

We are called Psycloid because we take you through a psychedelic journey to the path of native American elders; a culture which is well known of its connection to the spiritual realm. Native American elders used to make Dream catchers as protection talismans from demons & nightmares, and they also believed that light is the most sacred energy on earth as it guide them through their darkest times. Cherokee warriors are very famous for their courage & unique weapon sets, so this is why we chose to add such a distinguished category to our products to simulate a real experience in the native American culture.

Dream Catchers

According to the native American Cherokee tribes, Dream catchers were used as talismans to protect sleeping people from nightmares and ancient demons, and it was especially made for the children’s protection.

Light Of Elders

Our lighting collection is inspired by the ancient “Epiphany” which means a sudden moment of enlightenment & the wisdom to continue in the light path & vanquish the forces of inner darkness.


The native Americans warriors were called “Braves” & there is a strong bond between every “Brave” & his weapon as strong as a spirit bond; from there our pieces are inspired.